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Accident Towing

If you are involved in an accident we can help. We have highly skilled and certified towing operators who will take care of everything you encounter at an accident scene. Your safety is our first concern, once you are clear from the vehicle and, if necessary, are in the hands of competent medical personnel, we will go to work recovering your car and any debris.

Vintage Car Towing

Are you a person who drives an exotic, vintage or luxury car? Tactical Towing Service uses only the best equipment and employs the attention to detail necessary to cater to, even the pickiest of car aficionados. We are fully insured and have the specialty accessories necessary to provide you with peace of mind, knowing your baby is secure, from beginning to end.

Equipment Transport

Do you have a big job that requires renting a Skid-Steer, or Trackhoe, but don’t have a way to haul it? Are you in construction with very little excess time on your hands? Whether you’re a weekend DIY’er or a businessman who needs equipment transported, the same needs apply. We understand that time is money and will work within your time constraints to expedite our services.

Motorcycle Towing

If you are a bike enthusiast, someone who loves to ride, most likely, there’s a special place in your heart for your bike. And you probably wouldn’t let just anyone ride it either. We get that. That is why, during every motorcycle towing service we conduct, we incorporate the use of patented technology to ensure that your bike arrives at its destination 100 % unharmed.

Accident Towing Services


When you are looking for a towing service company to provide motor vehicle accident recovery services, it’s highly important to consider how many years experience the company has provided these types of services. When it comes to accident recovery, you want a company who’s been around the block a time or two

We have more than 20 years of experience working car and truck accidents. Including rollovers, multiple vehicle crashes and many more than we care to discuss. Tactical Towing & Recovery has remedied all types of motor vehicle collisions and is the one to call when you are involved in an accident.


    • Motor vehicle collision recovery and towing service
    • Car, truck, motorcycle and equipment rollover accident towing
    • Flooded and submerged vehicles – Underwater accident recovery services
    • We are Nationally TIM Certified to provide Traffic Incident Management
    • We provide rollover recovery, slide-off recovery, & winching services


We are one of the few companies in the Belleville area who offers private property towing services. If you are a property owner or manager who must contend with unwanted vehicles on your apartment complex lots, or retail spaces, we provide full-service parking enforcement. Take back your space for your tenants and the people who do business with you.

We provide all the signage and lot striping with various service arrangements. Call for more information. We will place fully compliant signage where required by law,to notify drivers that their cars will be towed if they park in these areas.

Whether you own or manage a retail business, housing complex, parking lot, parking garage, or apartment complex, we can help. We will ensure that your fire lanes, exits, dumpster areas, gas station parking lots, and more remain free of unwanted parked cars.  We do this at no cost to you the property owner.

We tow away illegally parked cars to our impound lot, and then notify the owners and any lienholders, by certified mail, of the location of the car and the reason it was towed.  And we provide them with the appropriate steps to retrieve their property. Call 618-744-7420 or submit a contact form for more information


Tactical Towing Service


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