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We at Tactical Towing & Recovery Inc., sincerely appreciate your time and attention, taking a look at our website.  We hope that we have sufficiently relayed the message that we are committed to providing the highest customer service to the residents and motorists traveling through the Belleville area.  To achieve this, we understand that we must care for everyone involved, including our employees, our customers, as well as vendors and partners. Our promise to you is that we will continually scrutinize the work we do, to ensure that we stay on a path that is true.

In order to continually improve our services, and to serve others, we would very much appreciate any feedback you could provide.  Constructive criticism, as well as any positive remarks, help to raise the bar in our industry. Doing so ensures that everyone involved benefits.

So, please take your time and check out the comments others have left and if you too feel moved to leave a review, please do so.

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